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clowiz CodeGen

With few clicks, you can Generate End-to-End Source Code for:

  • Java: Class, JPA/Hibernate Entity, Class with Lombok, JPA with Lombok
  • Spring: SpringMVC Rest Controller, SpringMVC View, Spring Data Service
  • SpringBoot: Mature REST Controller, Spring Data Rest Repository, Spring Data Service
  • Java EE Web: JSF Managed Bean, PrimeFaces View Only, PrimeFaces view with Backend Binding
  • HTML: HTML full page with Bootstrap, HTML Only, HTML with bootstrap styles
  • SQL: H2, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, and PostgresSQL structure script
  • Angular: End to End Angular components
  • Python and Flask: End to end web applications using Python and Flask
  • PHP : (coming soon)
  • React: (coming soon)
  • React Native: (coming soon)

clowiz AppGen

Design, Preview, Generate Code, Download, and Deploy End-to-End Applications, without writing code

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